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Fear and anxiety can often be reduced by focusing on your own personal areas of strength.


I can also provide you with helpful stress management techniques that have helped others reduce uncomfortable feelings and manage anxiety

Do you struggle with anxiety throughout your daily life? If so, I offer a supportive environment to explore better ways of coping with it.


With minimal guidance, you will be able to discard or decrease your anxiety and focus on more positive aspects of your life.

Dependable tools for reducing your anxiety

I help develop your own personal strengths

Feel safe choosing Leslie Stanbury, L.C.P.C.

More counseling services I can provide

  • 20 years of experience

  • Locally owned business

  • I offer a safe environment for people to talk about their issues in confidence and without judgment

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I also offer exceptional counseling services for a variety of common situations including addiction and substance abuse, depression, relationships and divorce, and domestic abuse or violence situations.


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