Leslie Stanbury, L.C.P.C.

Improve Your life & Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Diverse experience with a variety of clients

I have extensive experience working with people from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Regardless of your personal circumstances, I can help you learn better ways of coping with difficulties in your life and unfortunate situations.

Individual and couples counseling available

I specialize in individual as well as couples' counseling for a number of common situations.

If you need assistance developing the healthy tools for handling depression, substance abuse, and more, I am here for you.

About Leslie Stanbury, L.C.P.C

  • 20 years of experience
  • Locally owned business
  • I offer a safe environment for people to talk about their issues in confidence and without judgment

Wide range of helpful services for your benefit

I provide helpful counseling services for several common situations, including addiction and substance abuse, depression, anxiety or fears, relationships and divorce, and domestic abuse and other situations involving violence.

Call (410) 279-7888 today to schedule your appointment. I am here to counsel and assist you in any way I can!